Proud to present my newest hope

Her call name is Boom 

and she is a dynamite true dynamite

I really have high hopes about this dynamite

and can't wait to have some fun together with her in the rings


Proud to present my newest hope

I'm calling her iNK and she has already

left her mark on my heart

by being a clown just like her mother

and energetic like no other dog in my house :)

...this liitle tornado has started her show career

by getting multi BIS placements and winning the WORLD WINNER 2015 title, allready from the puppy class...
hope she will keep enjoying it...


The newest addition to Hecuba family.

Let me introduce ''Skin-Deep's You Got it''

aka Vivi.

Vivi originates from Norway from

kennel  Skin-Deep, I can't thank enough my dear Friend Marit Jenssen for the honor to have such a beauty in my house..
Thank you Marit we hope we'll make you proud!!! 



This is my charming Aretha  

She is the Boston Terrier I've always been dreaming of,

both structural and temperament wise.

I imported her from Russia and it seems like the Mediterranean climate fits her the most 

as she enjoys sunbathing.

She has a clownish personality 

but acts very competive in the show ring

trying to prove to me she is the best, 

even though I already know that ;)


Cray has the personality any owner would dream of, such a loving, joyfull, loyal and well behaved girl, no words can describe her fantastic caracter, Can't wait to show her and have some fun together in the ring. 

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