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Litter ''Aris God of War'' 

were born in 21 June 2012

and they have all found love

in their forever homes

were they get lots of love and attention as they deserve.

So happy for their new loving parents

Litter ''Bodies and Tattoos''

were born in 03 October 2014

two beautifull puppies

that I can't wait to admire

in the show rings... 

Litter ''Calls''

were born in 03 November 2014

7 healthy puppies

all found perfect families
to live with
happily ever after... :) 

''Dynamites'' Litter

were born in 28 May 2016

4 dynamite puppies

2 girls and 2 boys

all ready to hit the show rings.!!!
I wish them and

their ouners all the best!

''Extra'' Litter

were born in 06 July 2016

4 extra gorgeous puppies

1 girl and 3 boy

all found true love with their extra great new families!
Good Luck to all of you!!!

''Full'' Litter

05 September 2017

3 girls and 1 boy

Full of joy, full of happiness, full of theirselfs are with their new families!
Good Luck to all of you!!!

''Greek'' Litter

15 August 2018

2 boys


Hecuba It's All Greek To Me
Hecuba Greek Lover


''Heroic" Litter

05 February 2019

4 boys


Hecuba's Hercules Fits to Feats

Hecuba's Hippocratic Oath
Hecuba's Helios Burning Hot
Hecuba's Hermes Flying Sandals

''I"  Litter

15 April 2019

1 boy
2 girls


Hecuba I Show U Mine U Show Me Yours

Hecuba I'm an Icon Keep your Eyes On
Hecuba I'm An Idol, I'm A Doll


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